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Maia Wildlife is a photographic safari and conservation tourism company dedicated to conserving, preserving and restoring Africa's wilderness and wildlife.


We do this by creating life-changing experiences in some of the most remote, beautiful and private areas in Africa. At the same time, we share the benefits with local businesses and communities, and partner with them to ensure the future protection of Africa's incredible and spectacular wildlife heritage.


Our idea is, that with responsibility and sustainability we can change people's perspectives on the planet, and inspire those exposed to it to effect positive change in their own live.

Our vision is to increase the world's wilderness, together. 


Why travel with Maia Wildlife ???

Today we have so much choice when it comes to travelling, it's often difficult to make a decision about the country in which to travel, let alone deciding with which travel company.


Maia Wildlife makes the choice easy.

Not only we work with great camps and lodges in some of Africa's most renowned and beautiful wild areas, but we are also a group of passionate and experienced guides with a strong and abiding purpose to all we do.

We understand that our guests aim for meaningful, purposeful travel - that the positive impact of that travel is one of modern life's great luxuries. 

We offer our guests exclusive access to Africa's best wildlife areas, creating a unique sense of seclusion, comfort, privacy and space. 

We share with our guests a great deal of knowledge about conservation, fauna and wildlife, because we believe that is the only way to emerge in a truly African Experience. 



Wildlife * Culture * Adventure

What really means "Safari" ???

This short documentary explains the meaning of  "SAFARI". 

The word, the animals, the fauna, the all experience...

Safari Tours with specialised guides and in 6 languages :

English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, German and Italian.


Next dates for 2024:


South African Safari Experience:

 11 to 17 February - 1 place available 


South African Safari Experience:

  7 to 13 April - 5 places available 

Wildlife Veterinary Course:

 21 to 27 April - 12 places available 

South African Safari Experience:

20 to 26 October - 1 places available

South African Safari Experience:

1 to 7 December - 9 places available


(Custom dates can be arranged if availability

from all parties)

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