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What Set Us Apart

MaiaWildlife offers a truly extraordinary experience. With their commitment to conservation and sustainable tourism, MaiaWildlife provides a unique opportunity to explore the wonders of the natural world while supporting local communities and protecting wildlife. From the moment guests step foot in the pristine wilderness, they are immersed in a world of breathtaking landscapes and incredible experiences. Expert professionals will lead guests behind the closed doors of nature and wildlife conservation. MaiaWildlife ensures that every guest enjoys an unforgettable adventure that leaves a lasting connection with the wonders of the wild.

Cheetah relocation

At MaiaWildlife, in collaboration with Dinokeng Event and the Dinokeng Game Reserve Team, we are thrilled to announce a successful cheetah relocation project at the stunning Dinokeng Game Reserve in South Africa.

This conservation initiative involved the careful planning and execution of moving a cheetah to a new habitat within the reserve, ensuring the safety and well-being of this magnificent predator. Through the combined efforts of our dedicated teams, the cheetah was successfully relocated to its new home, where it can thrive and contribute to the ecosystem of the reserve.

The relocation of the cheetah represents our commitment to wildlife conservation and the preservation of biodiversity in this pristine natural environment. By working together, we aim to protect and support the diverse wildlife species that call Dinokeng Game Reserve their home.

We are grateful for the opportunity to be involved in such a meaningful project and look forward to witnessing the continued success and growth of the cheetah population in the reserve. This relocation serves as a testament to the importance of collaboration and dedication in safeguarding our precious wildlife for generations to come.

Thank you to all involved in making this cheetah relocation a reality, and we are proud to be part of conservation efforts in Dinokeng Game Reserve.

Snare removal from Buffalo bull

MaiaWildlife in collaboration with the Dinokeng rangers successfully removed a snare from a buffalo bull at Dinokeng Game Reserve. It was a remarkable effort where MaiaWildlife guests were given the unique opportunity to actively assist and participate in the conservation work. This hands-on experience not only helped in ensuring the well-being of the buffalo but also highlighted the importance of wildlife conservation efforts. Kudos to MaiaWildlife and the Dinokeng Team for their dedication to protecting and preserving our precious wildlife.

Collar readjustment in Elephant bull

MaiaWildlife and the Dinokeng Game Reserve team successfully readjusted a collar on an elephant bull. This important task was carried out with the participation of MaiaWildlife guests, who had a unique opportunity to assist and learn about conservation, anti-poaching efforts, and wildlife management practices. The experience provided valuable insights into the challenges faced in protecting these magnificent animals and highlighted the crucial role of conservation initiatives in preserving our natural heritage. Kudos to MaiaWildlife, Dinokeng Game Reserve Team and everyone involved for their commitment to education and hands-on involvement in wildlife conservation.

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