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Our Story

The Maia Wildlife started with the simple idea of  Henrique Maia wanting to share is passion for travel, photography and wildlife.

Following his long life passion for animals, in 2015, Henrique and his wife Päivi decided to organise their first safari travel to South Africa.


"First time we traveled to South Africa, we felt in love with the country.

From the warm and friendly welcome of the people, to the great culinary and of course the wildlife. The amazing safari experiences, with the possibility to see all that animals in close range and in the wild, was just breath taking.

For us was one experience of a life time."

Henrique and Päivi


Since then they started to travel to Africa regularly for safari travels, wildlife conservation projects and veterinarians conventions.

After his last travel to Africa in 2019, Henrique starts to idealise one way to share is experiences and is love for the wildlife, the African culture and the adventure safari with other people.

Some months later, in 2020, this abstract idea starts to grew on Henrique's mind, and after contact some African friends (lodge owners, safari rangers and event managers), the idea became a concept, and in June 2021 the Maia Wildlife is funded.




Henrique de Jesus Maia

CEO and Travel Leader


Rowan Robbertze

Coordinator South Africa


Claudia Bevilacqua

Coordinator Italy


Patricia Maia Medeiros

Coordinator Portugal


Oscar Cantarin

Coordinator United 

Kingdom and Spain 


Melanie Ruez

Coordinator France



Please, share your ideas with us. Tell us how you think we can continue to develop: the website, the travels and the events. 

Contact us, we thank you for your feed back.


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